Relationships are everything. It’s about people. Getting things done through people. Networking, communicating. We are all entrepreneurs in today’s world and we all have our own personal brands to create and promote. That is what this blog is about. People! Relationships! Talking, sharing!

John is CEO of Feloni & Co., Inc. (est  1989),  an investment company that owns and/or operates media companies and other investment properties (not necessarily at this time) such as: Hub Media, Hub of the Universe Cultural Festival; Boston Music Awards; Boston Urban Music Festival; Campus Entertainment; The Entertainment Network; StockbrokerPro.com; The Corporate Forum (investor relations); The Massachusetts Public Company Forum; etc.

John has extensive Wall Street experience (over 30 years) as a broker/financial advisor and executive with the following companies: F.L. Putnam & Co., Inc.; EF Hutton & Co., Inc.; Drexel Burnham Lambert, Inc.; Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.; Tucker Anthony, Inc.; First Dunbar Securities, Inc.; and Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.

John was a shareholder rights activist and Boston Chapter Chairman of T. Boone Pickens’ United Shareholders Association