Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow will make two weeks since I completed the Boston Marathon. I hesitate to use the word “run” because although I did run some, I also jogged, skipped (trying to release a cramp), walked, and just about crawled. Because of a nerve being pinched by a herniated disc my left leg was numb and I was in serious pain before I even began the race. And because of my back and leg issue, I actually did not even run ONE mile in training. Not even ONE! I only did weight training and some stationary bike work. Having completed 3 Boston Marathons before this one (1998, 2001, 2009), I knew that coming into the ten mile mark without distance training, my legs were going to burn like hell, so I burned them with weight training. It must have worked, because although I suffered greatly and cramped horribly (my legs totally seized up on mile 11), I ultimately made it.

The purpose of this blog post is to send a message: we can do whatever we set our minds to!. Grind through it! Plow through it! DO NOT accept defeat under any condition! Do what you set out to do, or die trying!

I have a lot of things to get done. I WILL GET THEM DONE!

You do too!

Dig deep, my friends. The reserves you have to get through the tough times will amaze you! Persevere and WIN!


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